Behind the scenes


About Us - The Leggatts

Jessica and Stu Leggatt live in Melbourne, Australia, with their two young children Billy and Marigold, and an overly affectionate Golden Retriever called Lola. They love art, and their house is filled with personal, visual reminders of friends and family, the places they’ve fallen in love with and the memories they’ve created. 



The Artist - James Lake

James Lake, a Sydney-sider, has been drawing since he was eight, joining an art class as a way of hanging out with his older sisters. In a rich and varied career, he has brought his artistic eye, and unique style to everything from watercolours to ceramics to photography to 3D animation.

He lives in Melbourne with his wife and a rescue dog called Toki. Half Blue Heeler. Half Corgi. All heart.

We are lucky to have James on board as our first feature artist.

James Lake, Studio Lowbrow